• A dedicated Accounting Software with continued updates and multi support

    SoftDrive Accounting dedicated products servicing serious Business Professionals




    It is time you maximized the best features from your accounting software with no add on cost : unlimited member access, unlimited transactions, manage your accounts via cloud and any mobile simultaneously with the latest version always updated and much more…

white label accounting software for professionals

Professional Accounting Administration Panel


Brand and create your white label accounting software, create and manage clients, subscription accounts. Create subscriptions on the fly with 100% control on the branding. Manage and control the subscriptions from a central admin account. Comes with a robust ticketing system to provide end user support.



Our contract is open

  • Join and leave, no fixed term. Continued service members may transfer their services. no fees to pay.

SoftDrive accounting security

  • Professionals have peace of mind as the SoftDrive technology is cultivated over years, with experience and ensuring sustainability, reliability, our data-center’s places strategically in each continent. Secured back ups daily.

The most cost effective way

  • Our white label professional software for professionals, offers a each client a dedicated quality platform that supports you to grow your unique business and provide quality service to each of your clients.

Top Notch Accounting Software

Our brand, Soft Drive, is primarly a technology provider to home & office base businesses & unique retailer SME’s online accounting users with the aim to convert clients to part or full service for our client partners.

Our software

Softdrive is a for serious businesses wanting to succeed. Members input allows continued improvements, professional feedback is valuable. Our software technology is developed to ensure quality technology and user friendly.

Long list of features

Softdrive has many advantages, digital reporting features, unlimited transactions, bank transfers in, multi access at the same time, continued upgrades, unlimited invoice, accountants access, and the comfort of knowing softdrive is technology driven.

Our advantage

Soft Drive offers professionals a white label platform designed and dedicated to help make running professional business easy, with the latest accounting technology updated continuously.



Advantages of becoming a Proximate Professional member and user of softdrive software

  • The most cost effective way to provide technology software to the practice’s, thus services customers online for efficient immediate service.
  • Helps professional’s reduce their cost and progress with effective marketing.
  • Soft Drive platform provides technical support, continued updates facilitating members to serve their clients effectively online.
  • Note all membership are professionals with their own brands servicing their clients and niche markets with their products using soft drive software as their base product.
  • Softdrive assuring the software is developed continuously for technical advantage  and assuring each professionals a dedicated platform. Allowing professionals the advantage to concentrate on servicing their clients.
  • Our cost are minimal allowing professionals to compete cost effectively.
  • Our support and updates, software advancements continued, and included in the members subscription fee.
  • Our software is excellent and we can adapt the contents, install dedicate reports for your practice.
  • We appreciate your feedback
  • Our software technology is owned and developed by the BFIN group since 2003 with offices in Europe, British Commonwealth and Asia.
  • SoftDrive date-centers are strategically placed on each continent. Secured backups are done daily
  • Clients are satisfied to receive professional dedicated financial accounting support from a qualified practice, rather than a platform that could lack in-depth expert accounting knowledge.
  • Softdrive is transparent, lean, and aggressive with a unique mission to serve its the professional with pioneering technology that incorporates Governance, risk and compliance strategies to ensure a maximum TCF (Treat your customers fairly), minimum risk and compliance in-corrections.
  • The softdrive contract is open, with no fixed term.
  • We develop software for professionals at the highest standards at cost effective prices.
  • Softdrive is for serious business professionals seeking a white label accounting platform.
  • Professional have more dedicated time to serve their clients with specialized services in their field.
  • You can relocate your business anytime.

Softdrive ensures quality products, backed and used by professionals to serve their clients with their own unique service and name. Develop your dedicated service to a market that needs professionals providing quality and know how in  producing businesses the right tools to perform in a very competitive market.