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Payroll HR 50
29.95 €
Payroll HR 75
59.95 €
Payroll HR 150
149.85 €
Payroll HR 300
209.80 €
Payroll HR 500
269.75 €

  • Business Unit,
  • Total Employees,
  • Paid Salary,
  • Working Days,
  • Monthly Submission,
  • Calendar,
  • Task Description
User AccessUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Minimum No. of Staff
No. of Payslips Per Year
Monthly Transactions

  • Weekly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
Company Profile:

  • Company Setup,
  • Edit Company

All Business Units:

  • Create New Department,
  • Edit Department,
  • Listed Business Units
Employee Profile:

  • Create New Employee,
  • Edit Employees,
  • Listed Employees
Staff Interaction Module:

  • Secured Staff Access

  • Staff Dedicated Interaction Panel
  • Staff Can View Profiles, Print And View The Payslip
  • Direct Communication Channels To Line And Hr Management
  • Staff Daily Work Schedule, Including: Tasks Objectives, Task Details, Staff Daily Report And Delivery Date Progress Performance Monitor
  • Staff Objective Review
  • Staff Performance And Salary Reviews
  • Staff Agenda
Payroll HR 50Payroll HR 75Payroll HR 150Payroll HR 300Payroll HR 500
Employee Secured Access
With Dedicated Employee Account
Line Manager Secure Access
With Dedicated Admin Panel
HR Management Dedicated Access
With Dedicated Account
Create Payslip Items:

  • Create New Payslip Item,
  • Edit Payslip Items
  • View Payslip Items for Individuals
  • View Payslip Items for General,
  • Listed Grades
Universal Payslips
(Adapts to all countries):

  • Create New Payslip,
  • View Payslip,
  • Rerun Payslip,
  • Payslip History
Dedicated Country Payslips
Payroll HR 50Payroll HR 75Payroll HR 150Payroll HR 300Payroll HR 500
User may request own design payslip
Employee Staff Note Pad
Attendance Register

  • Department Wise Report
  • Month Wise Report
  • Digital Payroll Reporting per Country
Dedicated Digital Payroll Reporting per Country/Client

  • (Plugged into clients tax office on request)

  • Online Help,
  • Text Support,
  • Video Tutorials


Dedicated Line Manager Account

Manage Staff

Line Management Panel

View and manage staff task list

Review Staff Progress

Direct communication among staff, manager
and hr

Human resources HR management combined with HR PAYROLL

Softdrive HR Professional Payroll suits SME and large businesses

Packs 50 – 500+ Staff members
Staff below 50, kick off with HR 50


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HR Payroll Function

HR Agenda & Attendance Planner

Line Management Access Panel

Staff Access Panel

  • View and Print Payslip
  • Communicate with HR/Line Manager
  • View task list from Line Manager
  • View activity feedback report

Super HR Admin Access Panel

Unlimited Payroll

View and Print Payslip

Automised Payslip

Dedicated Country Payslip

Automated Dedicated Social Tax Return to
Government Office

Automated Dedicated Staff Tax Return to
Government Office



Multi Access from any device

Data secured in 128-bit ssl encryption

Video Tutorials

Support via text and call

Upgrade anytime with existing data


— Manage your HR Department with SoftDrive Payroll HR Unlimited Features